What we Stand For

We're here to listen & make others do the same

Each one of us has a story, for every Parent/ Carer out there this is our experience of how we've been treated, able to access help and our journey so far bringing up children and young adults with SEND!

We've power in numbers and by helping us with your story, firstly we can communicate this to the authorities, not only that you can inspire others to step up and share (should you want to)

We work closely with the local authority and Surrey’s Clinical Commissioning Groups to ensure that parent carers’ views and experiences help shape SEND services.

Surrey County Council published its SEND2020 vision, which outlines the work that is going on at some pace to transform SEND services in Surrey and also its Written Statement of Action following the Ofsted/CQC inspection in October 2016. Family Voice Surrey has oversight of this action plan, sitting on the SEND Partnership Board and continues to push for changes and improvements in SEND services that reflect what families tell us they want and need.

The video opposite has been produced by Surrey County Council to give you an overview of how the reforms will affect parents of SEND children in Surrey. There is also a Surrey guide to SEND for parents which you can download. Visit Surrey’s local offer website for more information.

National guidelines relating to the new code of practice are available to download. These have been summarised in a useful table format by Contact.

We Stand For You

Championing your voice to the organisations who offer help & support!

We're here for you and want to hear honestly from you about your experiences accessing SEND resources, whether you've had a great experience or not.

It's our job to take this feedback and relay it to the relevant places, to make yours and everybody else's experience better.

Pushing For Fairness

Unfortunately not every child and young adult with SEND has a positive experience accessing care, funding and opportunities, some boroughs are better than others.

This is why it's so important to us to gather feedback and bring about change within the systems currently in place.

We stand for equality!

We stand for you!

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