SEND Resources

In this section you'll find links to useful information and tools to help you support your child with SEND. If there are other documents that you think would be useful to include, please let us know.

Our Comprehensive Guide of Resources

SEND Educational Resources

SEN Teacher provides cost-free teaching & learning resources for students with special needs and learning disabilities

SEN/ICT Directory has lots of S.E.N. & I.C.T. resources


Decision making and the law resources from DfE and IPSEA workshops

Puberty & Sexuality Resources

Puberty & Sexuality Pack to support young people with learning disabilities

Tea and Consent film by Thames Valley Police clearly explaining consent and sex

Mental Health

MindEd is a free educational resource on children and young people's mental health

Gozen has been recommended by other parent carers to help with anxiety

Resources Part 2 & Abbreviations

Presentations from past events

The Council for Disabled Children's presentation on Navigating the Legal System: an introduction to legislation and policy from F.V.S. annual event May 2016

The Value of Participation presentation, from F.V.S. annual event May 2016

The Surrey Rapid Improvement of Paediatric Therapies event, co-produced between F.V.S. and Surrey C.C., presented at F.V.S. conference November 2013

The D.f.E.'s overview of the draft Code of Practice, presented at F.V.S. conference November 2013

Action for Carers presentation, from F.V.S. conference November 2013

Government documentation about SEND reforms

see relevant presentations above, also:

National guidelines relating to the new code of practice