Coronavirus and our Events

Events in your local area……

Due to the coronavirus FVS are now holding ‘virtual’ events as noted below in purple. Those dates noted in red are to be considered nearer the time based on advice at that point. 

Our annual Preparation for Adulthood (PfA) event was due to take place at East Surrey College in March and, due to the coronavirus outbreak, has been rescheduled to Saturday 7th November.

It is looking increasingly likely that social distancing rules will be in place throughout 2020 and so we are starting to look at a delivering a ‘virtual conference offer’. We hope this will include our guest speakers’ and workshop hosts’ presentations delivered as a combination of Webinars, YouTube video’s and Zoom calls. We are still in the early stages of planning so we will share further details with you as soon as we have them.

Since the closures of schools in March, we have had to move our work online. As a result, we have seen a significant increase in membership of our various Facebook groups. The following lists the % increase in membership. It is encouraging that those groups with the greatest growth were the smallest at the beginning of April. Those with slower growth were already well established with a large membership.

Family Voice Surrey FaceBook pages:

We are actively encouraging those who join a FB group to also join FVS formally.

Our membership has grown by 107 members since 1st April 2020.

The following increases are based on figures from 2nd April to 18th May 2020

FVS parent/carer chat group:                                 up 17.8%

Coordinator groups:

E:                                                                                  up 11.4%

E&E:                                                                             up 29%

G:                                                                                  up 165%

MV:                                                                               up 100%

RG:                                                                                up 48%

R:                                                                                  up 81%

S:                                                                                   up 154%

SH:                                                                                up 26%

T:                                                                                   up 6%

Wa:                                                                               up 53%

Wo:                                                                               up 45%

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