Family voice near you

Bases throughout Surrey

We’ve got area representatives in each of the 11 Boroughs, they’re your first point of call for any local information, events and can help you to arrange for care services in your home.

Knowing what help is available to you and how to access it is what we do, please find your area below to find out more.

Get online too and speak with others via the parent carer forums ( and don’t forget to look into the SEND Services in your area

Local People for Local Knowledge

By splitting up into the different councils of surrey county, we are able to position the right person who is suited to the needs of your local area, is familiar with the challenges faced and is in regular contact with the right people in the council

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Children and young adults shouldn’t have to feel unheard.

They have a voice, whether able to vocalise themselves fully or through other means of communication.

Regular contact with the same friendly face makes it easier to feel comfortable taling about personal stories or information.

Loneliness, isolation and living in fear shouldn’t be a part of a childs growing up, so don’t let it become so, get in touch with your local channels and find out who is responsible within your constituency.

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Social activities and assistance with setting up work placements, voluntary roles and appliacations for schools, colleges and learning centres.

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